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What is PET and PET/CT?

Why your doctor ordered a scan for you and what is the benefit.

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Phone number to call, hours, insurance information.

Prepare for Your Scan

What to do before coming in for your scan.

What to Expect

What you will experience while getting your scan.

After Your Scan

Post-procedure directions and information.


Frequently Asked Questions.

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Our patients are first priority at Adler Imaging, and this website offers information and directions to help you prepare for and understand the experience you will have in receiving a PET/CT scan. In addition to the information provided here, please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

Use the links at left to learn more about the experience of obtaining a medical scan at Adler Imaging, or go to the PET/CT Imaging section posted in the menu above to learn more about the role PET/CT in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.