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Our Staff

Medical expertise combined with a special focus on patient comfort set Adler apart from other imaging centers.

Dr. Lee P. Adler

Medical Director at Adler and internationally recognized leader in PET and PET/CT

Dr. Karel D. Kovnat

CEO and Director of Neuropsychological Research at AIAI.

Our Facility

Our facility reflects the care and emphasis we put on patient well-being. Take a quick tour.

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Adler Firsts

Pioneering achievements.

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ABOUT AIAIAdler Firsts

1991 First use of PET to evaluate women with suspected breast cancer

1991 First use of PET scanning to evaluate a broad variety of Musculoskeletal Tumors

1992 First use of PET to determine radiation dosimetry for a novel radioligand

1992 First use of 0-15 Butanol, a novel radioligand for measuring cerebral blood flow, in humans

1992 First use of PET FDG to evaluate for thyroid cancer

1993 First use of PET to locoregionally stage breast cancer

1995 First clinical trial of dedicated breast PET (PEM) begins

1998 WFUBMC Positron Facility, while under Dr. Adler's leadership, become the first center in the world to image 1000 non-human primates with PET

1999 First whole breast dedicated breast PET (PEM) image

2001 Dr. Adler recruited to Fox Chase Cancer Center to open the Philadelphia Metro Region's first PET/CT center

2002 First use of a whole body PET/CT scanner for scanning murine models of cancer

2005 Adler Institute for Advanced Imaging opens with the region's first 16 slice PET/CT scanner (and only the second PET/CT scanner, after the facility opened by Dr. Adler at Fox Chase Cancer center)

2005 First FDA approved whole breast PET scanner (Naviscan PET Systems) in the Northeastern U.S. installed at Adler Institute (Naviscan PET Systems)

2007 Adler Institute for Advanced Imaging install the region's first 40 slice PET/CT scanner